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Halvar font family

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Halvar font family
81x .OTF, .TTF | multilingual | cyrillic | Jun 25, 2019 | prew | 36.77 MB

Halvar, a German engineered type system that extends to extremes. Halvar is not only built to be flexible, but technical. Apart from the SuperSlanted, all its font styles are multiplexed—a word in one Halvar’s roman or italic widths will occupy the same space regardless of weight—allowing for fine work in annual reports, interface design, or anywhere space is at a premium and the demands of reflow, rollover and animation need to be considered. With a character set that includes extended Latin, Greek and Cyrillic and supports more than 190 languages, Halvar’s styles have German names and multilingual ambitions. Perfect for cross-market branding. To ensure TypeMates’ usual high standards throughout all glyphs, the Cyrillic and Greek letterforms were developed in consultation with native readers.

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