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Neo Golden Butterfly Logo V II 12914566 - Project for After Effects

Neo Golden Butterfly Logo V II 12914566 - Project for After Effects
After Effects Version CS6 and higher | 4K Resolution: 3840x2160 | Trapcode Particular| RAR 173.86 MB
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This template is version 2 of the Golden Butterfly Logo 1,which we tried to make a different animation with a more luxurious and smoother animation than the first version! We made this project inside of 3Dsmax,and using FumeFX and PF source,we made the particles move inky in the space!,and then we composited all the render passes inside of Aftereffects using plugins Particular to reveal the logo and the text, and the Optical flare to give it a cinematic luxury theme. you can use this project at the start and the end of your products introductions,Promotions,and even your commercial ads or youtube videos and etc.

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