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Шаблон презентации PowerPoint / Clean PowerPoint Template

Шаблон презентации PowerPoint / Clean PowerPoint Template
Формат: PPT, PPTX | 673.6 Кб

Making a template is not easy, keeping it clean is more difficult. That’s the reason why Free Clean PowerPoint Template was created to save you time. It has a perfect and high contrast color scheme, a carefully selected font, and above each slide is well structured and arranged. All of this creates an excellent template. Not only that, but it is also very easy to use. You just need to fill in the information, drag and drop your images to have a great presentation, which will catch the attention of your audiences. Download Free Clean PowerPoint Template today and enjoy it!

Some awesome features:

12 unique and clean slides
Aspect ratio 16:9
PPTX and PPT files
Very easily to editable
Drag and drop Image (Placeholder)
All graphics resizable and editable
Easily edit data charts

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