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SKT Themes - Military v1.0 - Responsive WordPress Theme

SKT Themes - Military v1.0 - Responsive WordPress Theme
Military WordPress theme has been designed and coded so that war veterans as well as army and navy and airforce as well as other types of NGOs working on these platforms can have a nice website and without any hassle. Majorly these NGOs and website owners do not need to have a staff for managing the website and they can do it on their own. Simple and easy to manage and maintain comes with step by step guide and documentation which means that one can easily set up the website in no time. Responsive 100% which means that various types of screen resolutions of desktops, laptops as well as mobile phones are compatible with this template. Also this military WordPress theme is managed via pages on the homepage so that one can easily set up their choice of content in the way they want. One can have sidebar layout as per their choice as right, left and no sidebar option for not just pages as well as posts are also given.

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