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Soft Day Dream - Photoshop Action

Раздел: Экшены для Фотошопа
01.08.2019 70

Soft Day Dream – Photoshop Action 3483694
Photoshop ATN | 5.25 Kb

Soft Day Dream Photo shop Action is a beautiful Soft Day Dream art action,which turns your photo into a profession Soft Day Dream. There’s an instruction manual that will help you to do it in a super quick way with some more advanced features. You have lots of layer control after the action has finished to adjust the design how you wish. This action works in a non-destructive way to achieve a high quality look. This action is exclusively designed for photographers, exteriors, adventure, portrait, landscape, interiors, indoor, outdoor and other types of architectural images.


Two Contrast Adjustments
Compatible with both Mac and PC
Works on RAW and JPEG images
Fully adjustable settings
Unique result every time
Based on and created with real, traditional marks
Instruction/Demo video included
Instructions quick guide included
Any questions, all you have to do is ask
Each element in this collection has been carefully created and adjusted to produce professional and amazing results. We test all our products individually with hundreds of different photos.

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